How mobile apps can play a big part in HR modernization


In the 21st century, the world is changing faster than ever and digital technology is at the heart of it. Most businesses and HR officers are looking at investing in technology to modernize their HR processes. Making that technology work in real-time on employees’ smartphones will boost employee engagement, productivity as well as retention. Here’s how.

Why smartphones?

We use our smartphones for nearly everything, from morning to night to browsing information on Google, connecting with friends on Facebook and doing business. In fact, more than 80 percent of the Myanmar population are on smartphones and use smartphones frequently throughout the day. This is a big opportunity for HR practitioners to think about mobile technology to not only engage with their employees but also to increase efficiency of collaboration between employees and HR department.

Mobile digital HR

Considering how many times an employee would check one’s mobile in a day, it comes with no surprise that modern workforce expects more things to be done from their smartphones. This means that your employees will appreciate having access to their information around company policies as well as applying for administrative work such as leaves. This helps HR practitioners to save a ton of time in administrative work. Such time saved can be used for more strategic work such as organizational development. Through harnessing the power of mobile and cloud technology, businesses now have the opportunity to create change within the organization to have a positive impact on the future.

Changing expectations of the millennial workforce

Tech-savvy millennials and young professionals have different perspective, work ethic, and set of expectations from employers. Many companies are changing their HR processes to attract and retain workers—not just by tossing around perks like flexible hours or unlimited vacation days but also through smart use of mobile technology. The modern workforce expects things to be done fast. They expect information to be readily available with the mindset of “don’t make me think”. They demand transparency around complex organizational benefits such as leave benefits, attendance policies, payroll procedures and employee handbooks. The modern workforce demands to have all of the actions and information around HR to be available on their smartphones anytime – anywhere.

Benefits of utilizing HR apps in the workforce

HR mobile apps allow HR practitioners and business owners to have three key benefits.

Corporate Communication:HR mobile apps address many of the communication challenges within organizations, including employee engagement, two-way communications, and even sharing news and alerts. Through smart notifications, information can be made available throughout the entire organization in the push of a button.Employee Self-Services:Employees can do everything on Mobile App: manage profiles, contact details, responsibilities, and other data.Manager Self-Services:HR mobile apps give managers on-the-go access to HR and financial information, allowing them to make real-time decisions and increase productivity.

Consumer products have conditioned us to use our smartphones for a variety of needs, and employees expect the same responsiveness and ease of use in workplace applications. As more and more people use their smartphones for all parts of their lives, HR practitioners are highly recommended to start adopting mobility solutions to improve HR services to employees.

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