How to save administration time in your HR department


Nowadays, the human resource department plays an active role in managing every part of the organization and considers as strategic partners of the organization.

Earlier, employee attendance was recorded by using punch machines. This approach resulted in certain difficulties like manually checking the employee time logs. But with the HR management system and HR Apps can check time tracking, submit a leave request, auto-calculate the number of hours that significantly reduce administrative time, manpower and other costs for the HR department.

Since HR is involved in every decision that the organization makes, HR managers can also take advantage of mobile to handle the approval of personnel changes, expense reports, time off requests and other workflows. Managers can also be given actionable insights, such as personnel coverage issues and real-time KPI measurements. When managers have the right tools to quickly respond to employee needs, it improves job satisfaction for everyone.

The benefits of automation (or) mobilize of HR processes

And also, when the business and HR staffs can receive a lot of benefits of mobilizing HR processes.

Reduce human errors

Making HR processes mobile reduces the chance of human error. It helps the HR department to automate time entry, approving vacation requests, and absenteeism. To add even more convenience, all this information is always with HR managers even if they’re far away from their workplace.

Enhanced employee communication

With an HR mobile app, companies are able to create an employee directory with search functionality, phone numbers, emails, postal addresses, and other information on colleagues. This can help improve communication within the company. A user can simply access the employee directory and look up a contact without being chained to the desk. An employee directory allows coworkers to connect seamlessly via their phones.

Instant feedback

Mobile HR apps and software can help companies track employees’ achievements and get instant feedback. Lots of companies big and small are trying to reinvent their performance management by introducing HR mobile apps to give and get continuous feedback. With the help of such technology, organizations can survey their employees to provide better engagement and increase satisfaction.

Better employee engagement

Mobile devices have overtaken desktops as the main way to access the internet according to research by Smart Insights. The workforce has growing numbers of employees who prefer using mobile phones in their workflow. In addition, if a company provides an HR mobile app, workers feel more interested and engaged as it helps greatly in managing routine tasks.

Smart notifications

By notifying employees about important things through a mobile app, an organization increases the chances that workers will receive these notifications even if they’re out. Push notifications are a convenient, productive, and efficient decision for any company.

Increased convenience and productivity

HR Software and mobile app can allow to manage the personal profiles and information, that provides even more flexibility and convenience. Mobile technology lets employees spend less time managing HR issues and increase their productivity on more important tasks.

HR mobile apps and software offer a real advantage over doing HR and Administration task to reduce administrative time. If you want to discuss how Better HR can help your HR transformation and automation function, just contact us. Our Better HR team helps you get all the information you need, regardless of wherever you are.

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